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Construction Advice and Training

We specialise in the support of small/medium sized enterprises (SME’s) within the construction and associated industries.

By specialising in this business stream, we fully understand the needs and financial restraints that businesses in this sector are experiencing. Within our extensive experience of working in the industry, we can provide common sense, cost effective solutions to health, safety and environmental issues that face our industry today

Site surveillance

Site surveillance is an important tool to ensure and demonstrate that your company is delivering what it says it does in its safety management system. ISS can offer the service of independent site inspections. These can be undertaken as announced or unannounced visits. Following an inspection, the client is informed of any non-compliance or deviations from the policy that were detected on site. Where practicable, ISS will offer advice and assistance to rectify any non-conformance during the site inspection.

A full report is supplied to the client detailing any outstanding actions and/or recommendations for improvement. ISS will work with its clients to ensure that they achieve their aspirations.

Site inspections assist in demonstrating a company’s commitment to health and safety. They can be used in a positive way as evidence, when bidding for work or completing PQQ’s.  

Scaffold Inspection

ISS can provide competent persons to undertake weekly scaffold inspections. For long duration construction works, these inspections can be programmed in for the duration of the scaffold element of the project, leaving the client with one less thing to worry about.  

Accident/Near Miss Investigation

Unfortunately, from time to time accidents do occur. Accidents can be devastating to the person(s) involved, dependents and colleagues alike. Should an incident happen on site, ISS will undertake a full and thorough investigation.

A full report will be submitted to the client along with our conclusions and recommendations to enable the client to reduce the likelihood of a reoccurrence.

As part of this process, ISS will provide training needs analysis, should a training requirement become apparent during these investigations.  

CoSHH Assessments

ISS offer the construction industry a CoSHH assessment service. ISS will obtain the appropriate MSDS and compile the CoSHH assessment in a straightforward, easy to follow format.  



Risk Assessments

Risk Assessments are the cornerstone for safety on a construction site. ISS can provide suitable and sufficient risk assessments for most tasks within the industry. The risk assessment will provide a prompt for the compilation of the method statement.  

Method Statements

ISS will work with its clients to assist in the compilation of meaningful method statements/work instructions. Ranging from generic document templates, to full site specific documents.  

Fire Risk Assessment

ISS offer a fire risk assessment service. ISS will visit your premises and undertake a full building inspection and evaluation. A full report and gap analysis, along with cost effective recommendations will be presented to the client or building owner.  

Toolbox Talks

ISS can visit your site at a time convenient to the client, and undertake fully documented toolbox talks. A copy of the signed register is supplied to the client for their records.  

Safety Management System,

Safety Management System, (SMS) / Environmental Management System, (EMS). ISS offer a full SMS/EMS compilation services. ISS will undertake a full review of the client’s undertakings and produce a document specific to their needs. We do not supply ‘off the shelf’ management systems. Where a client already has two or more management systems, ISS can integrate these systems which reduce duplication procedures and ultimately, audit time.