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Independent Safety Solutions (ISS) is a wholly owned health, safety and environmental consultancy. This enables us to be truly independent, providing cost effective solutions to our clients.

ISS was founded by Chris Webber, who holds chartered safety and health practitioner status. We hold full professional indemnity insurance.

We have the following memberships:

o Chartered Member of IOSH
o Full membership to IIRSM
o Member of IEMA o Fellow member of the AcPC
o Professional membership to IOR
o Member of Institute of Construction Safety
o Member of IAM

ISS predominantly operate within the London and home counties; however, we do offer national coverage to some of our clients .

By specialising in this business stream, we fully understand the needs and financial restraints that businesses in this sector are experiencing. With our extensive knowledge of working within the industry, we can provide common sense, cost effective solutions to health, safety and environmental issues that face modern constructions companies today.

Assistance to asbestos removal companies to develop and maintain safety management systems and procedures required as part of the licence application/renewal process.

We further specialise in the Guidance to building owners/occupiers in respect of their legal duty under The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 (Regulation 4), to manage asbestos in non domestic premises.
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